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NetCafe DS v1.4 Preview

Standart Cafe Control Features:
* Open the Table
* Close the Table
* Edit the Table
* Increase/decrease the Table Number
* Prices and Addition

This Program Superiorities the Others:
* Daily,Monthly,Yearly Reports
* Loan Notebook
* Voiced Warning System

New Features :
* Backup/Restore
* Multi Language Support
* Password Protection

Why You Will Decide to This Program :

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Options Menu :

You can set the program setting left side Options Menu.

Company Name : You can write this area your name or your company name. This name will display top of main screen.

Table No : You can designate your table number on this area.

Hour Cost : You can designate your hour cost on this area.

Minimum Cost : You can designate minimum cost on this area. This mean is sit down-stand up cost.

Volume : If box is checked, when someone end of limit or when someone close the table program make a sound. But if box is unchecked program is mute mod.


Edit Table Menu :

If you click the yellow button on the program main screen, this menu will display

Table Name : You can write customer name on this area. This name is important for dont do any mistake.

Start: This time is customer start time.

Limit : You can designate a limit for customer. When time is finished NetCafe DS will make a sound.

Addition : If customer buy a different things, you can add this item's cost on this are.

Ok : You can apply your modifications.

Cancel : You can cancel your modifications and come back to the main screen.

Close the Table : If you want close the table, you can use this button.


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